Glass Reflections
Glass in the Year of Light
7th to 9th September 2015

The Science of Glass

In the right hand column is a list of accepted papers for the "Science of Glass" stream of the Glass Reflections conference. This is the major stream which runs throughout the three days of the conference. When another stream of presentations runs in parallel with this, the programmes are synchronised to allow delegates if they so wish to attend papers of their choice from either stream.

In this list, the papers are identified by Presenting Author (in alphabetic order of surname) and paper title.

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University of Cambridge
Murray Edwards College

article posted 28 Jan 2015
The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, 2015 (IYL 2015) is a United Nations observance that aims to raise awareness of the achievements of light science and its applications, and of its importance to humankind. To see the IYL2015 Fact Sheet please click  here. 

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The Science of Glass

Invited Guest Speakers:
 Alexis Clare 
Alfred University
GlassArtEngineering; Unique Points of View Working Together
University of Cambridge
Optical- and electrical-induced changes in chalcogenide glasses
 Animesh Jha 
University of Leeds
Interaction of near-IR pulsed Lasers with Biomineral Gels
for Enamel Restoration

 Jonathan Knight 
University of Bath
Hollow-core Microstructured Optical Fibres: reflections on tiny bits of glass
 Bob Newport 
Mellor Memorial Lecture
Glass: out of History and Art and into Tissue Regeneration

 Matt Tucker 
XPDF and a step towards Complex Modelling
 Cate Watkinson 
University of Sunderland
From stained glass to solar; designing public artwork with glass and light

 Oliver Alderman 
Temperature dependent structure of molten borates:
testing the predictions of thermodynamic models

 Benjamin Allsopp 
The effects of Bi2O3 doping on the optical properties and structure of
soda lime silica glasses for photovoltaic applications

 Emma Barney 
Structure-property relationships in antimony based chalcogenide glasses
 Paul Bingham 
Incorporation of sulphate ions in silicate glasses
with implications for radioactive waste immobilisation

 Delia Brauer 
Crystallization of Er3+:BaGdF5 from aluminosilicate glasses
 Telesilla Bristogianni 
Maximizing the Transparency of a Structural Glass Masonry Wall

   Lifeng Chen 
Three-dimensional Chalcogenide photonic crystals
created by direct laser writing and chemical vapor deposition

 Wenlin Chen 
Ion distribution in nepheline glass: A molecular dynamics study
 Jamie Christie 
Understanding the solubility of bioactive phosphate-based glass
 Richard Curry 
Localised control of chalcogenide properties
 Edwin Flikkema 
Ion dynamics in alkali-silicates: a Molecular Dynamics study
 Ondrej Gedeon 
Reflections about Molecular dynamics and glass transition
 Lawan Grema 
The effects of composition on the thermophysical and
structural properties of barium strontium aluminosilicate glasses
John V Hanna* & Thibault Charpentier
The Combination of Experimental Solid State NMR and Computational First Principles MD and DFT: A New Approach for the Structure Determination of Oxide Glasses.
 Alex Hannon 
The Structure of Arsenic Sulphide Glasses:
Evidence for Tetrahedral Units?

 Norfadhilah Ibrahim 
Compositional property relationships in boroaluminosilicate glasses
 Gin Jose 
Highly dense rare-earth silicates by femtosecond laser generated plasma processing
Implantation of erbium doped TeO2-ZnO-Na2O glass into silicon for gain media in silicon photonics
 Efstratios Kamitsos 
Second harmonic generation in oxide glasses by electro-thermal poling
 Ajoy Kumar Kar 
3D Nonlinear Chalcogenide Devices
 Safa Kasap 
Development of Sm-Doped Glass-Ceramics for High-Dose,
High-Resolution Dosimetry in Microbeam Radiation Therapy
at the Canadian Light Source

 Khouler Khan 
Achieving low loss chalcogenide glasses
 Cyril Koughia 
The influence of radiation diffusion (radiation trapping)
on spectra and measured lifetimes of
4F9/2 -4I115/2, 4I9/2 -4I15/2, 4I11/2 -4I15/2 and 4I13/2 -4I15/2
emission bands in GeGaS glasses doped with erbium

 Ajoy Kumar Kar 
3D Nonlinear Chalcogenide Devices
 Ekarat Meechoowas 
Spectroscopic studies of neodymium doped soda-lime silicate glass
Vinita Mittal
High contrast mid-infrared chalcogenide waveguides for biosensing applications
 Faiz Mohd-Noor 
Isotope Substitution Neutron Diffraction Study of the
Lithium and Tellurium Environments in Binary Li2O-TeO2 Glasses

 Doris Möncke 
IR, Raman and NMR spectroscopic study
on the connectivity of borate and silicate groups
in sodium-borosilicate glasses

 Gavin Mountjoy 
Getting more light from luminescence of lanthanide doped glasses
 Michael Ojovan 
Mass spectrometric evidencing on
modified random network microstructure and medium range order

Jiri Orava 
Fragility crossover in chalcogenide glass-forming liquids: Importance for phase-change memory application
 Maxime Paraillous 
Thermal poling structural characterization for soda-lime glass
 Karishma Patel 
Radiation effects on phase transformations in
borosilicate nuclear waste glasses

 Uresha Patel 
Strontium enriched phosphate based glass microspheres
for orthopaedic applications

 Maha Rai 
Molecular dynamics modelling of the structure of
Barium Zirconium Fluoride glasses BaF2-ZrF4

 Stuart Reid 
Protective infrared antireflection coating for chalcogenide glass
 Carlos Rios 
Phase-change chalcogenide photonics
 Bridget Stewart 
Scattering light using glasses and crystals in order to optimise
the surface quality of continuously cast steels

 Martina Stoica 
Photo induced crystallization of CaF2 from a
Na2O/ K2O/ CaO/ Al2O3 / CaF2/ SiO2 glass

 Laura Swansbury 
Molecular dynamics modelling of ZnCl2 glass
 Natalia Vedishcheva 
The structure of phase-separated sodium borosilicate glasses:
a quantitative thermodynamic approach

 Fred Veer 
Glass structures, the possibilities in the 21th century
Density, Young's Modulus and Viscosity of Glasses Close to the
Eutectic Composition in the CaO-Al2O3-SiO2-System

 Tomas Wagner 
Nanoscale Memories in Chalcogenide Glass Films
 Adrian Wright 
A Thermodynamically-Based Structural Model for the Cationic
Conductivity and Mixed-Modifier Effect in Borate Glasses

 David Wright 
Exploiting Mixed-Mode Optical-Electrical Functionality in Chalcogenide Glasses