Glass Reflections
Glass in the Year of Light
7th to 9th September 2015

The Science of Glass

In the right hand column is a list of accepted papers for the "Science of Glass" stream of the Glass Reflections conference. This is the major stream which runs throughout the three days of the conference. When another stream of presentations runs in parallel with this, the programmes are synchronised to allow delegates if they so wish to attend papers of their choice from either stream.

In this list, the papers are identified by Presenting Author (in alphabetic order of surname) and paper title.

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University of Cambridge
Murray Edwards College

article posted 28 Jan 2015
The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, 2015 (IYL 2015) is a United Nations observance that aims to raise awareness of the achievements of light science and its applications, and of its importance to humankind. To see the IYL2015 Fact Sheet please click  here. 

For further information about the International Year of Light please visit the IYL website at


Papers about Chalcogenide Glasses

Invited Guest Speakers:
University of Cambridge
Optical- and electrical-induced changes in chalcogenide glasses

 Emma Barney 
Structure-property relationships in antimony based chalcogenide glasses
 Lifeng Chen 
Three-dimensional Chalcogenide photonic crystals
created by direct laser writing and chemical vapor deposition

 Richard Curry 
Localised control of chalcogenide properties
 Ajoy Kumar Kar 
3D Nonlinear Chalcogenide Devices
 Khouler Khan 
Achieving low loss chalcogenide glasses
Vinita Mittal
High contrast mid-infrared chalcogenide waveguides for biosensing applications
 Stuart Reid 
Protective infrared antireflection coating for chalcogenide glass
 Carlos Rios 
Phase-change chalcogenide photonics
 Tomas Wagner 
Nanoscale Memories in Chalcogenide Glass Films
 David Wright 
Exploiting Mixed-Mode Optical-Electrical Functionality in Chalcogenide Glasses