Glass Reflections
Glass in the Year of Light
7th to 9th September 2015

University of Cambridge
Murray Edwards College

article posted 26 Feb 2015

Potential topics

The list which follows is indicative only; there are many other topics which would fall within the scope of the conference. If in doubt, please submit your abstract!

The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, 2015 (IYL 2015) is a United Nations observance that aims to raise awareness of the achievements of light science and its applications, and of its importance to humankind. To see the IYL2015 Fact Sheet please click  here. 

For further information about the International Year of Light please visit the IYL website at

Conference Scope and Call for Papers
Submission deadline:
now extended to
7th April

article posted 10 Mar 2015

In concert with the United Nations initiative, this conference provides an opportunity for all who are interested in glass to reflect upon and celebrate the fundamental interactions of glass with light. Throughout its history, glass has been indissolubly linked with light. In earliest times its colours, surface brilliance and often its transparency have been vehicles of value, in the realms both of utility and of aesthetic creativity. Glass has been an essential enabler for the evolution of the science of light, just as (arguably) it has been vital in shaping every aspect of the social and intellectual environment in which we now live. In this conference our ambition is to reflect upon every aspect of glass interest and insight.

So papers on all facets of glass studies will be welcomed - scientific or artistic, historical or industrial, analytical or creative, educational or technological. Glass might be the object of study, or glass might be an essential part of the method used to study something else. Either way, glass and its interaction with light will inevitably provide a linking thread, contributing to our further enlightenment.

We invite all who are engaging with glass (whatever the perspective or point of view of that engagement might be) to join us in our reflections upon it. Are you a scientist using light to probe the molecular structure of glass? Or are you an artist seeking to use the ever-changing dynamic of glass/light interactions to creative effect? Perhaps as an art historian you ponder the impact of stained glass in terms of a didactic aesthetic? Or then again, you might be a technologist preoccupied with the subtle chemistry of high temperature processes in the radiant environment of a glass melting furnace. Whatever the nature of your enthusiasm for glass and the glassy state, come to Cambridge and share it with us by offering a paper for oral presentation.

If you would like to submit a paper, you'll find an abstract template:
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Please download a template and use it to create your abstract. We encourage you to provide a photograph of the presenting author together with a few biographical notes. Then, please, attach these files to an email and send to

If you have two or three graphics which might illustrate your abstract, please feel free to send these also (though to keep the message size down you might need to send these attached to a second email). We look forward to hearing from you.

Please note that when we accept a paper, we do expect one of the authors to be present in person at the Conference to make the oral presentation.

Opportunities for publication

Authors and presenters are encouraged to prepare their work for publication in one or other of the Society of Glass Technology Journals.

For details of Glass Technology journal, please click  here; 

For details of Physics and Chemistry of Glasses journal, please click  here.