Glass Reflections
Glass in the Year of Light
7th to 9th September 2015

The History & Heritage of Glass

In the right hand column is a list of accepted papers for the "History & Heritage of Glass" stream in the Glass Reflections conference. This is a one-day Seminar which takes place on Wednesday 9th September as a parallel session alongside the papers on the Science of Glass. The programmes are synchronised so delegates can if they wish attend papers presented in either of the two streams.

In this list, papers are identified by Presenting Author (in alphabetic order of surname) and paper title.

To access the abstract of interest please click on the highlighted name of the Presenting Author (if this name is not highlighted, it indicates that the abstract is not yet available).

University of Cambridge
Murray Edwards College

article posted 28 Jan 2015
The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, 2015 (IYL 2015) is a United Nations observance that aims to raise awareness of the achievements of light science and its applications, and of its importance to humankind. To see the IYL2015 Fact Sheet please click  here. 

For further information about the International Year of Light please visit the IYL website at


The History & Heritage of Glass

Invited Guest Speakers:
 Alexis Clare 
Alfred University
GlassArtEngineering; Unique Points of View Working Together
 Tom Küpper 
Lincoln Cathedral
"Preparing a Poultice' - Stained Glass Conservation
 John Parker 
University of Sheffield
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall ...


 Saulo Alvarado 
Experiments with Light and Glass: Art, Aesthetics and Technology
 Glen Cook 
New Specialty Glass Artist-in-Residence Program:
Corning Incorporated and Corning Museum of Glass

 Shelley Doolan 
The synthesis of waterjet cutting technology with traditional glass-making
 Ferdinand Drünert 
Calcium antimonates as opacifying agents in historical glass samples -
remelting experiments and in situ crystallization

 Francesca Giubilei 
Fragments of a Discourse on Light and Glass
A Close View on the Exhibition Within Light/ Inside Glass

 Elena Granuzzo 
Glass Reflection in Venice in the XVIII and XIX centuries
 Elzbieta Greiner-Wronowa 
Alteration of Historic Glass - Metal Objects
caused by Volatile Organic Compounds in Museum Environments

Beyond the Object: interplays of the digital and the material
 Barbora Holubová 
Investigation on protective hybrid silica coatings on historical glass:
Comparative study and new approaches

 Josef Hormes 
The corrosion of stained glass:
a chemical analysis using synchrotron radiation based X-ray absorption
and X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy

 Mel Howse 
Creative Industrial Vitreous Enamels
 Shelley James 
Essential symmetries - crystallography and glass
 Craig Kennedy 
Skills and materials used in the development of Scottish window glass
 Markus Kleine 
Glasmalerei Peters GmbH, Paderborn
Walls of Light:
The Art of Dalle de Verre and the Current Conservation Problems

 Eve Koha 
Lighting a Fire in Theophilus' Kiln:
the Theophilus Glass Painting Kiln Phenomenon Today

 Oksana Kondratyeva 
In Search of Light: Glass! Science! Art!
 Godwin Makeri 
Mirror Desilvering: An Elixir to Modern Art and Visual Perception
 Julia Malle 
Where Neon meets Scientific glassblowing
 Antonio Pires de Matos 
Playing with borosilicate luminescent glasses
 Maricruz Medina 
Conservation and restoration of archaeological glass:
possibilities of LASER technology

 Hans Meindl 
Painting with light - Mouth blown glass in art and architecture
 Joanne Mitchell 
Contouring the Air Bubble:
Complex Air Entrapment, Clarity and Content
in Kiln-formed Glass Art

 Tyra Oseng-Rees 
Exploring the aesthetic potential for fused recycled glass
 Serena Panighello 
Investigation of glass leaching processes by laser ablation ICP-MS
A selection of case studies

 Inge Panneels 
Blue Marble
 Wayne Strattman 
Researches in Glass and Lighting Technology for Sculpture and Design