Glass Reflections
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Presenting Author:
Godwin Makeri

article posted 20 Apr 2015

Godwin Makeri

Godwin Makeri is a glass artist / technologist, design consultant and an entrepreneur. He was born in December 1975, and has his roots in Kachia Local Government of Kaduna State. He studied in the Department of Industrial Design, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, majoring in Glass Technology. Makeri is now in line for his M.Sc in Glass Technology, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. He worked as a Fine Art teacher with Government College Kaduna (2005- 2010), before setting up his glass studio where he carries out cold glass decorative operations. Makeri have participated various fairs and exhibition within Nigeria, (AFAC ? African Art and Craft, 2013, 2014 Editions, NAFEST 2013) participating as a contingent from Kaduna State. His ground breaking works include ?Mirror of the Nation? and a collection of works displayed in the Niger State Government House Gallery, Minna. Makeri is presently making effort to showcase a Solo exhibition on mirror art piece.

Mirror Desilvering: An Elixir to Modern Art and Visual Perception

Makeri Godwin Peter1,* & Jummai Talien Tagwoi2

Throughout history, artists have devised the use of various materials and work techniques to transmit or convey unique visual pictorial cues in simple and complex artistic styles. The more common forms used to create the artist visual experience, range from paintings on canvas, paper drawings, murals, and relief forms and many other means / media.

Indeed the late Roman and Renaissance art witnessed great interest in optical images and reflection, with mirror glass and lenses included to paintings.

Mirrors however is an area in which visual perception and physics appear to synchronise. Reflections from a mirror surface are applicable to arts and science conventions, as the manipulation of light and shades have served a number of purposes.

Mirror desilvering technique introduces another viewpoint to the visual appreciation of mirror glass without compromising its properties and functionality. The science involved in this phenomena demonstrates that the viewer can take into account, subsets information available in representative images as they determine the reflection on a mirror.


1 - Glass and Mirror Designer, Alheri Silicon & Glass Technology Ltd Kaduna, Nigeria.

2 - Lecturer, Glass Technology, Department of Industrial Design, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria