Glass Reflections
Cambridge 7th to 9th September

Presenting Author:
Shelley Doolan

article posted 22 Apr 2015

Shelley Doolan

Trained in glass-making at the University of the Creative Arts in Farnham, Shelley's over-arching interests include the interaction of glass and light and the way in which form and finish delineate space and mediate our experience.

Research includes approaches to creating forms through modelling, moulding and casting using a variety of processes and materials.

Most recently PhD research has focused on the synthesis of "technology" with traditional glass-making; exploring the potential for CAD and CAM tools and ways in which the skills associated with their use may become embedded within the craft practitioner's repertoire, enabling their appropriate and sensitive use to expand rather than displace existing skills.

Following the completion of her PhD, Shelley has been working on collaborative research with industry partners. By adapting and applying research tools developed as part of her PhD and glass-making practice, she has been able to work with industry to implement a creative experimental approach to create design capability and products beyond those initially envisaged by the company.

Further research is underway and routes to apply and adapt findings within an educational context are being explored.

The synthesis of waterjet cutting technology with traditional glass-making

Shelley Doolan
Glass Artist
UWTSD, Swansea.

I will propose an approach to the synthesis of waterjet technology with traditional glass-making processes.

The development of a range of applications of waterjet cutting through a process of creative experimental investigation, supported and informed by technical testing will be presented.

The value of creative, playful experimental enquiry will be explored. The experimental approach will be discussed and illustrated through case study. Its role in driving technical advancement and testing will be demonstrated, as will the application of outcomes to create a body of work.

Illustrated case studies will outline the stages in the making of an object, and demonstrate the synthesis of the waterjet process with traditional glass-making skills.

Examples of work created will include glass exhibited nationally and internationally.