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Presenting Author:
Eve Koha

article posted 10 Mar 2015

Eve Koha

Eve Koha has graduated from the glass department of Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA) in 1981. Since 1984 she has been teaching at the same department. Since 1981 she has been active in conservation of Estonian historical painted glass. In 2004 she started with PhD studies at the department of cultural heritage and conservation of EAA. She is a member of the Estonian Artists? Association since 1991 and a member of the Glass Art Society (USA) since 1998. She has presented her work at exhibitions both in Estonia and abroad since 1983. She has curated exhibitions and participated in workshops, conferences and symposiums. She has edited several albums of the Estonian professional glass art and written articles of Estonian historical painted glass.

Lighting a Fire in Theophilus' Kiln:
the Theophilus Glass Painting Kiln Phenomenon Today
Eve Koha
Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia pst 7 10147 Tallinn Estonia

This paper examines construction of the Theophilus glass painting kilns today according to the descriptions by Theophilus from 12th century in "Schedula Diversarum Artum".

The first Theophilus glass painting kiln was built by Estonian Academy of Arts glass students in 1997. This fabulously simple and transportatable kiln type was easy to build as it was exceptionally well-described by the Theophilus. The same could be stated concerning the firing process, which in practice was incredibly similar to the description. Indeed, the flames begin to lick the glass in the kiln!

This armful size of the kiln allowed the medieval glass painter to work anywhere. The kiln is quite durable and transportable, but it is also easy to build a new kiln if needed.

By now there around ten kilns of such type have been built in Estonia. Experience has given an opportunity to modify the medieval kiln type, as to the choice of materials, construction tools and functioning.

Students think that it is the world's most ingenious glass painting kiln.