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Presenting Author:
Tomas Wagner

article posted 15 Apr 2015

Tomas Wagner


Nanoscale Memories in Chalcogenide Glass Films.
Tomas Wagner1*, Bo Zhang1, Silvie Valkova1, Max Fraenkl1, Milos Krbal1, Miloslav Frumar1, G. Chen2

A range of material systems exists in which nanoscale ionic transport and redox reactions provide the essential for switching as platform for reconfigurable electronic devices and biological like computing. One class relies on mobile cations, which are easily created by electrochemical oxidation of the corresponding electrode metal, transported in the insulating layer, and reduced at the inert counter electrode. These devices are termed electrochemical metallization memories (EMC) or conductive bridge random access memories [1]. The material candidates for electrolytes in such devides have been recently studied. They are amorphous chalcogenides [2, 3] and also oxides (SiO2, WO3, TiO2 and others [1]) containing metal elements (Ag, Cu) or their compounds (Ag2S, CuS) and gaining some portion of ionic conductivity and becoming mixed ionic-electronic conductors [3-8].

The aim of this work is to present our current results on syntesis and resistive switching of chalcogenide based nanowire array cells and planparalel cells.

The authors thank project KONTAKT II (CR-USA) LH14059 for financial support.


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1 Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical Technology, and Centre for Materials Science, University of Pardubice, Cs. Legion's Sq. 565, Pardubice 532 10, Czech Republic.

2 Department. of Physics & Astronomy, Athens, USA