The Science of Glass Sessions - Wednesday 9 September
  Paper Title Author Author's Institution
08:30 Registration    
  Session 9 to be chaired by :  Adrian?/Emma  
09:00 Plenary Lecture: Alix Clare Alfred University
10:00 Glass thin films with ionic conductivity and memory switching Tomas Wagner University of Pardubice, Czech Republic
10:20 Fragility crossover in chalcogenide glass-forming liquids: Importance for phase-change memory application Jiri Orava University of Cambridge
10:40 Synthesis of High Purity Gallium Lanthanum Sulphide Glass Khouler Khan University of Southampton
11:00 Refreshments & Poster Session    
  Session 10 to be chaired by :  Dan Hewak  
11:20 Optical- and electrical-induced changes in chalcogenide glasses Stephen Elliot Univerisity of Cambridge
12:00 High contrast mid-infrared chalcogenide waveguides for biosensing applications Vinita Mittal University of Southampton
12:20 The Structure of Arsenic Sulphide Glasses: Evidence for Tetrahedral Units? Alex Hannon STFC
12:40 Structure-property relationships in antimony based chalcogenide glasses Emma Barney University of Nottingham
13:00 Lunch    
  Session 11 to be chaired by :  Stephen Elliot  
14:00 3D Nonlinear Chalcogenide Devices Ajoy Kar Heriot Watt University
14:40 Phase-change chalcogenide photonics Harish Bhaskaran Univerisity of Oxford
15:00 Protective infrared antireflection coating for chalcogenide glass Stuart Reid University of the West of Scotland 
15:20 Exploiting Mixed-Mode Optical-Electrical Functionality in Chalcogenide Glasses David Wright  Univerisity of Exeter
16:00 Refreshments & Poster Session    
  Session 12 to be chaired by :  Ajoy Kar  
16:20 Discovering New Chalcogenides Brian Hayden Southampton
17:00 Localised control of chalcogenide properties Richard Curry Univerisity of Surrey
17:20 Three-dimensional Chalcogenide photonic crystals created by direct laser writing and chemical vapor deposition Lifeng Chen Univerisity of Bristol
17:40 End of Session