The Science of Glass Sessions -Tuesday 8 September
  Paper Title Author Author's Institution
08:30 Registration    
  Session 5 to be chaired by :  Doris Moenke  
09:00 Hollow core microstructured optical fibres: reflections on tiny bits of glass Jonathan Knight  University of Bath
09:40 Novel Implantation Technique for Gain Media in Silicon Photonics Suraya Kamil University of Leeds
10:00 The effects of Bi2O3 doping on the optical properties and structure of soda lime silica glasses for photovoltaic applications Benjamin Allsopp Sheffield Hallam University
10:20 Photo induced crystallization of CaF2 from a Na2O/ K2O/ CaO/ Al2O3/ CaF2/ SiO2 glass Martina Stoica Friedrich Schiller University, Jena
10:40 Highly dense rare-earth silicates by femtosecond laser generated plasma processing Gin Jose University of Leeds
11:00 Refreshments & Poster Session    
  Session 6 to be chaired by :  Delia Brauer  
11:20 Radiation effects on phase transformations in borosilicate nuclear waste glasses Karishma Patel University of Cambridge
11:40 Temperature dependent structure of molten borates: testing the predictions of thermodynamic models Oliver Alderman Materials Development, Inc., Arlington Heights, IL 60004, USA
12:00 Incorporation of sulphate ions in silicate glasses with implications for radioactive waste immobilisation Paul Bingham Sheffield Hallam University
12:20 A Thermodynamically-Based Structural Model for the Cationic Conductivity and Mixed-Modifier Effect in Borate Glasses Adrian Wright University of Reading
12:40 Development of Sm-Doped Glass-Ceramics for High-Dose, High-Resolution Dosimetry in Microbeam Radiation Therapy at the Canadian Light Source Safa Kasap University of Saskatchewan, Canada
13:00 Lunch    
  Session 7 to be chaired by :  Gin Jose  
14:00 The structure of phase-separated sodium borosilicate glasses: a quantitative thermodynamic approach Natalia Vedishcheva Institute of Silicate Chemistry, St Petersburg
14:20 Getting more light from luminescence of lanthanide doped glasses Gavin Mountjoy University of Kent
14:40 IR, Raman and NMR spectroscopic study on the connectivity of borate and silicate groups in sodium-borosilicate glasses Doris Moncke Otto-Schott-Institute
15:00 Crystallization of Er3+:BaGdF5 from aluminosilicate glasses Delia Brauer Friedrich Schiller University, Jena
15:20 Scattering light using glasses and crystals in order to optimise the surface quality of continuously cast steels Bridget Stewart Materials Processing Institute, Middlesbrough
15:40 Spectroscopic studies of neodymium doped soda-lime silicate glass Ekarat Meechoowas Glass Expert Laboratory, Bangkok, Thailand
16:00 Refreshments & Poster Session    
  Session 8 to be chaired by :  Russell Hand  
16:20 Maximizing the Transparency of a Structural Glass Masonry Wall Telesilla Bristogianni Technical University of Delft
16:40 Analysis of Lithium containing Bioglass and comparison with 45S5 Hench Bioglass® Teresa Büttner  
17:00 Mellor Memorial Lecture - Glass: out of History and Art and into Tissue Regeneration Bob Newport  University of Kent
17:40 End of Session    
19:00 Banquet Reception    
19:30 Conference Banquet - by ticket (£45)