The Science of Glass Sessions - Monday 7 September
  Paper Title Author Author's Institution
09:00 Registration    
09:15 Conference Opening -  Plenary Session    
  Session 1 to be chaired by :  Emma Barney  
09:40 Interaction of near-IR pulsed Lasers with Bio-mineral Gels for Enamel Restoration Animesh Jha  University of Leeds
10:20 Understanding the solubility of bioactive phosphate-based glass Jamie Christie University of Loughborough
10:40 Strontium enriched phosphate based glass microspheres for orthopaedic applications Uresha Patel University of Nottingham
11:00 Refreshments & Poster Session    
  Session 2 to be chaired by :  Paul Bingham  
11:20 Ion dynamics in alkali-silicates: a Molecular Dynamics study Edwin Flikkema Aberystwyth University
11:40 Molecular dynamics modelling of the structure of Barium Zirconium Fluoride glasses BaF2-ZrF4 Maha Rai University of Kent
12:00 Ion distribution in nepheline glass: A molecular dynamics study Wenlin Chen University of Aberystwyth
12:20 Molecular dynamics modelling of ZnCl2 glass Laura Swansbury University of Kent
12:40 Reflections about Molecular dynamics and glass transition Ondrej Gedeon University of Chemical Technology, Prague
13:00 Lunch    
  Session 3 to be chaired by :  Alex Hannon  
14:00 XPDF and a step towards Complex Modelling Matt Tucker  Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
14:40 Isotope Substitution Neutron Diffraction Study of the Lithium and Tellurium Environments in Binary Li2O-TeO2 Glasses Faiz Mohd-Noor University of Warwick
15:00 The effects of composition on the thermophysical and structural properties of barium strontium aluminosilicate glasses  Lawan Grema University of Sheffield
15:20 Compositional property relationships in boroaluminosilicate glasses Norfadhilah Ibrahim University of  Sheffield
15:40 Density, Youngs« Modulus and Viscosity of Glasses Close to the Eutectic Composition in the CaO-Al2O3-SiO2–System Ulrike Veit Friedrich Schiller University, Jena
16:00 Refreshments & Poster Session    
  Session 4 to be chaired by :  Gavin Mountjoy  
16:20 The Combination of Experimental Solid State NMR and Computational First Principles MD and DFT: A New Approach for the Structure Determination of Oxide Glasses.

John Hanna* & Thibault Charpentier

University of Warwick
16:40 The influence of radiation diffusion (radiation trapping) on spectra and measured lifetimes of 4F9/2 -4I15/2 , 4I9/2 -4I15/2 ,4I11/2 -4I15/2 and 4I13/2 -4I15/2 emission bands in GeGaS glasses doped with erbium  Cyril Koughia University of Saskatchewan, Canada
17:00 Thermal poling structural characterization for soda-lime glass Maxime Paraillous University of Bordeaux
17:20 Mass spectrometric evidencing on modified random network microstructure and medium range order Michael Ojovan University of  Sheffield
17:40 End of Session